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Significant Number of Snow Leopard-running Macs Infected with Flashback PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 02 May 2012 15:00

The recent attack on Macs by Flashback, infected devices of which almost 66% were loaded with OS X 10.6 more familiarly called Snow Leopard, reports Dr. Web the anti-virus company from Russia.

The different Mac operating systems have one distinguishing factor and that's about whether they've Java pre-installed or not. Of those Mac operating systems with Java already loaded, Snow Leopard is last among the classification. Conversely, a later Mac OS X namely Lion version 10.7 isn't pre-installed with Java. Both Snow Leopard and Lion represent 40%-or-less of the Total Mac OS X base individually. Specifically, Lion's share in all OS X devices represent 39.6%, suggests Net Applications data, the company specializing in market-share measurements. However, the percentage of Lion-installed Macs infected with Flashback in comparison with that of Snow Leopard is merely 11.2%.

Sources indicate that during March 2012, the biggest number of the operating system generated for Macs was Snow Leopard, with Flashback infecting the OS X 10.5 as the second highest in all Snow Leopard versions. Among a total 95,000 Mac devices infected with the Flashback, 25.5% had the said 2007 version.


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