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Another Security Company Blames Russia-Based Hackers for DNC Attacks PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 24 June 2016 07:00

Russian hackers striking DNC (Democratic National Committee) as also the campaign of Hillary Clinton have dug deeper into United States of America's political system attacking consultants, lobbyists, law firms, and think tanks comprising policy groups and foundations, says one person who has knowledge of the attacks' investigations.

One detailed spear-phishing scam was used for targeting nearly 4,000 Google A/Cs with the intention of duping people into enabling admission in order that organizational and personal accounts could be hacked for stealing information. The scam was spread during October through the middle of May, said the person requesting anonymity as he discussed secret information.

The person's input supports the conclusion which CrowdStrike the security company reached last week stating twin Russia-situated hackers' gangs were responsible for the hack.

At first beginning last summer, the assaults on DNC helped infiltrate the PC-networks utilized while pilfer sensitive files, particularly, research by the opposition on Donald Trump the presidential candidate.

CrowdStrike, called in for mitigating the assault while the company condemned dual specialist hacking groups "Fancy Bear" and "Cozy Bear" for the breach, even as the groups reportedly enjoyed connections with the Russia government. posted this, June 20, 2016.

The groups, according to CrowdStrike were among the most skilled globally. Nevertheless, soon, an individual hacker going by the handle Guccifer 2.0 claimed responsibility for the breach. He added that a second part would follow which nobody would regret as everybody together would manage for discarding the political leaders, who were the wealthy people exploiting the world. However, the date for such forthcoming releases wasn't given.

During first news release about the hack, The Washington Post published that according to DNC sources, the attack hadn't compromised any sensitive information. Now, this most recent news seems as going against the party's statement.

Moreover, Senior Vice-President Michael Buratowski of Fidelis Cybersecurity concludes that from his organization's comparative analysis, it acquiesces what CrowdStrike says while it believes that Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear the twin APT gangs successfully intruded the DNC.

Meanwhile, although hacker Guccifer 2.0 repeatedly says that Russia-based APTs are not responsible for the hacks, each and every clue suggests the contrary.

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Two Reports Expose Details of Chinese and Russian Government–Backed Hackers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 24 June 2016 07:00

Whether Russian government instructed hackers to breach the server of Democratic National Committee and steal research of opposition on Donald Trump as well as other documents in recent times, is still not confirmed.

Not only one but two hacker groups of Russian government breached computer network of DNC (Democratic National Committee), to spy on the internal communications and steal research of opposition on Donald Trump, presidential candidate of Republican.

Cozy Bear that successfully penetrate unclassified networks of State Department, Joint Chiefs of Staff and White House in the year 2014, infiltrated Democratic National Committee last summer, as well as monitor the chat and email communications. CrowdStrike believes that Cozy Bear might work for the FSB (Federal Security Service) of Russia.

Fancy Bear that may possibly hack on Russian military's behalf; penetrate the network of DNC in April to acquire the research of opposition on Donald Trump and exfiltrate few of it. This breach had "set off the alarm". As per the Washington Post, Fancy Bear "stole two files" and "had access to the computers of the entire research staff -- an average of about several dozen on any given day".

Joel Harding, consultant as well as former officer with Army's intelligence command, believed and said that Russians are behind this hacking. He could not prove it, and did not think that anybody could surely confirm unless security agencies of Russia committed some stupid mistake. posted on June 17th, 2016, stating that a main political party is a clear target for hackers of Russian government.

Harding agrees that the intelligent services of Russia jockeyed with each other. However, he said that Putin is increasing espionage budget of Russia to improve spying abroad, along with imposing order on services' bureaucracies.

Likewise, Politico just reported that Russian spies number in Europe almost doubled during recent years because tensions have increased between the West and Russia. Harding said that it is not possible to be certain about proportion of additional spies. He also added that Russia has become more aggressive in implanting agents along with viruses, which can quietly acquire information as well as access which might prove useful someday for the purposes that are still unknown.

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GitHub Rearranges Some User Passwords after Brute-Force Attack PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 23 June 2016 07:00

On 14th June, someone made a huge number of login attempts to repository service of GitHub by using e-mail addresses and passwords, which seems to have been collected by breaching other online services. Shawn Davenport, VP of Security in GitHub, posted a blog stating that administrators of GitHub reviewed the logins and found that the attacker gained entry to several accounts.

The code-hosting platform claiming to have millions of users across the world, disclosed a series of "unauthorized attempts" to log into several accounts on on Tuesday evening. Shawn Davenport, Vice President of Security in GitHub, posted a blog explaining that, it seems that this is the result of an attacker who used a list of passwords and email addresses that have been obtained from other compromised online services in the past, and now trying those on the GitHub accounts.

It is said that the company had warned about the involvement of usernames and passwords of affected accounts. posted on June 16th, 2016, stating that other account data like as organisations and repositories might have also been exposed when attackers could log in.

The list of affected large sites which suffered from exposed login credentials of users is long, and it is growing also. Past breaches against likes of Adobe and Linkedln particularly make it insignificant to break into the accounts of anyone stupid enough to reuse credentials to login from a breached site at a different place.

GitHub is not an alien for security flaps. For example, hackers sponsored by state in China are extensively blamed last year for the attack on site; apparently linked to hosting of the code, which circumvented the Great Firewall web censorship mechanisms of the country.

Some of the companies which suffered huge leaks of data include Myspace (360 million credentials), Linkedln (117 million credentials), VK (100 million credentials), Tumblr (65 million credentials), (40 million credentials) and lately VerticalScope (45 million credentials) and iMesh (51 million credentials).

Moreover, more than 32.8 million plaintext credentials of Twitter are also exposed; however this happened due to the installation of malware on users' PC, and not because of an invasion in servers of Twitter.

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Malware Attackers Find Easy Prey the Free Livestreaming Services PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 23 June 2016 07:00

According to one fresh study, Web surfers visiting free livestreaming online sites for enjoying video films can encounter different security risks, in particular, scams, theft of personal information, or malware infections.

To be more specific, the study substantiates that over 50% of the advertisements which surface on these websites are malevolent codes that could grab people's personal data or destruct their PCs.

The study, which security researchers from USA's Stony Brook University and Belgium's Katholieke Universiteit Leuven recently conducted, further unearthed that approximately fifty percent of the advertisement-superimposed movie clips on the freely available livestreaming sites contain malevolent content. What's more, these movie clips are streamed devoid of their owners' permission. posted this online dated June 16, 2016.

However, not till at present, anybody knew the extent of such malicious software's prevalence on livestreaming websites. Therefore, by building and using one automated tool, the researchers spotted over 23,000 freely available livestreaming sites that they subsequently visited 850,000 and greater number of times collectively prior to assessing the ensuing Web traffic.

Now according to Nick Nikiforakis of Stony Brook University who co-authored the study, the FLIS system quite comfortably employs deceptive mechanisms for making money by tricking any number of end-users. For instance, by utilizing the malevolent superimposed ads that show phony 'close' buttons on top of the video, end-users who actually press on these buttons become endangered with malware infection.

The study explains that the above practices as well as the oft made blame on copyright infringement, plainly indicates streaming services' tendency for carrying out intrusive as also sinister monetization scams by even undermining end-user security.

A large number of these web-pages appear as the real livestreaming sites. Naturally, end-users, thinking they are on the right destinations, unwittingly download malware. Among all Web browsers, Safari and Chrome have relatively the greater risk of being exposed to this ruse.

In the end, as per KU Leuven's M Zubair Rafique, the study like never before quantifies the danger that follows from the utilization of these free websites, adding that the researchers even brought into the open the FLIS system's faulty infrastructure.

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Same Hacker Dumps Additional Files from DNC Systems PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 23 June 2016 07:00

Very recently, a single hacker who calls himself Guccifer 2.0 invaded the servers of DNC (Democratic National Committee) and reportedly acquired investigative material by opposition on Donald Trump presidential nominee from the Republican Party. The hack did occur said DNC and also that the documents stolen couldn't be described unauthentic. The Party, nevertheless, keeps on canvassing that the government of Russia was wholly behind the attack -probably since the information grabbed revealed much more in comparison with simple opposition research.

Among content of the files released, there's one dossier of 231 pages consisting of the aforementioned investigative material related to Donald Trump; other documents on the election strategy of Hillary Clinton the expected nominee from the Democratic Party; lists of donors, and things of United State foreign policy.

As with supporters of Sanders, it's very clear from the exposed files that DNC exercised favoritism and bias even as the committee's chairman was Debbie Wasserman Schultz the campaign co-chair of Clinton in 2008.

According to Security Company CrowdStrike, which DNC hired for bringing to halt the breach, two individual hackers' gangs were involved that had connection with Russia government as also were regarded as among the most skilled hacking groups in the world. One gang named Cozy Bear believably breached networks that America's State Department and White House used in 2015.

But, Guccifer 2.0's posting indicated that a lone person executed the assault. posted this, June 16, 2016.

More files that the hacker exposed consisted of certain assessment of the body language and speech of Hillary Clinton, together with different reports/memos that DNC staffers exchanged.

Earlier when Guccifer 2.0 first dumped data it contained the file-names, which donors for Democratic Party maintained, however, without any personal details; a highly secret report filched out of Clinton's PC; and DNC's document about Trump.

Security specialists note that although Guccifer 2.0 owed up to the hack, still he maybe from the alleged Internet spying gangs of Russia, attempting at diverting the common masses' mind away from the country's leadership.

CrowdStrike is trying substantiating the origin and genuineness of the exposed documents while described the leakages as one disinformation campaign.

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