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Cisco Eradicates Angler Exploit Kit, Halts $30m Ransomware Outbreak PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 09 October 2015 07:00

Cisco the security company has had its researchers do big by eliminating Angler, halting one huge ransomware attack associated with the exploit kit which reportedly yielded hackers over $30m every year, published in news on October 6, 2015.

In one just published report, specialists with the Talos Security Intelligence and Research Group of Cisco are said to have come down heavily on Angler attack toolkit during the summer while efficaciously diluted half of the toolkit's operation.

It is understood that cyber-criminals delivered exploits to approximately nine thousand distinct IP addresses daily via each and every proxy server, counting 147 that they ran. Earlier investigation the networking major conducted revealed that nearly 40% of the exploit delivery efforts were successful that led to some 529,000 computers being hijacked during a one month period.

Cisco computed the attackers' expected revenue via considering the data of earlier investigation that showed that some 62% of the contaminations from Angler served ransomware, with a mean sum of USD300 asked as ransom payment off every victim.

The security company's considerable blow follows an observation that majority proxy servers belonging to the cyber-crooks received their hosting services from Limestone Networks the provider of cloud hosting from Dallas. Limestone not just disrupted the sinister servers; however, it as well let Cisco obtain details of the particular Angler operation.

It was determined that the cyber-crooks bought from Limestone a total of 815 servers during a period of 7 days with the help of filched payment cards. Slowly, a server infrastructure was built. And though probably Limestone too gained advantage from it, still according to the firm, there occurred a loss of $10,000 every month for it because of the malevolent operation as the affected owners of the payment cards asked to be compensated when they became aware of the fraud.

Cisco blogged that the development struck down heavily on the upcoming hacker market characterized with ransomware as well as illegal sale of filched 'personally identifiable information,' payment card info and IPs that netted innumerable amounts of dollars every year. reported this in news on October 6, 2015.

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Russia-Based Hackers Might have Infiltrated Hillary Clinton’s Personal Email Server PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 09 October 2015 07:00 published news on 1st October, 2015 stating that hackers, linked with Russia, has tried at least five times to trap Hillary Clinton into tainting her computers while she was US Secretary of State, according to freshly-released emails and it is not clear whether she was tricked into clicking any attachments to expose her account.

Clinton received the virus-riddled emails, masked as speeding tickets from New York, more than four hours early morning on 3rd August, 2011. The emails directed recipients to print the tickets attached with it and opening these attachments would have permitted hackers to gain control over the computer of the victim.

Security researchers who analyzed the malware in September 2011 stressed that infected systems would transfer information from victim's machine to minimum three server computers situated overseas with one of them in Russia. But that does not necessarily mean that Russian intelligence or citizens were responsible. published news on 30th September, 2015 quoting Nick Merrill, a Spokesman for Clinton, as saying "We have no proof to suggest that she responded to this email or that she unfastened the attachment. Like we have noted earlier, there is no proof that the system was ever broken into. All these emails show that she received spam emails like millions of other Americans."

But this latest finding may raise more questions about the security of her private server.

Clinton suggested in an editorial board meeting during last week of September 2015 that her server had a better security track record than the record of State Department. published news on 30th September, 2015 quoting Clinton as saying "There is no evidence at all to prove that my server was breached and we had constant barrages and attacks in the State Department." published news on 1st October, 2015 quoting a debate on the same issue by Jonathan Pollet, Founder of the cyber security firm Red Tiger Security, as "This was obviously not a 'spam' as Hillary's people are calling it because it was malicious and that is not spam."

Pollet observed that the attacks might be part of a larger phishing campaign targeting thousands of people and Clinton's server just happened to get hit.

He added that they call this a drive-by.

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Banker Trojans Dridex and Dyreza Re-Emerge Online PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 08 October 2015 07:00

The infamous banker Trojans Dridex and Dyreza have reappeared within macro-based attacks that are rejigged and freshened, with Dyreza changing action to strike organization chains that supply to industries while Dridex aiming at devastating United Kingdom, caution security researchers from Proofpoint. reported this in news on October 2, 2015.

The incidences of the two malware pieces are pretty perilous. Dyreza represents strong man-in-the-browser (MitB) banking malware that is being used for attacking entities no longer inside financial sector. From time to time, the malware's creators have struck on victims from the tax service, recruitment sector, domain registrars and those affected with cyberlockers. At present, Dyreza's quiver contains arrows like high-profile supply chain firms catering to industries.

The researchers at Proofpoint state that till September 17, 2015, Dyreza targeted an extra twenty companies that directly provided warehousing and fulfillment services with the companies including 5 wholesale PC sellers and 4 software firms. reported this, October 2, 2015.

Also, capturing of credentials occurred at Iron Mountain, Apple, Badge Graphics Systems and OtterBox along with several other renowned service and technology companies for businesses and consumers.

It is observed that attackers are implementing an intentional methodology for attacking one fresh industry through out the supply string.

In the meantime, Palo Alto Networks the security company had corralled one massive phishing scam involving Dridex that chiefly targeted UK based victims.

According to Ryan Olson Intelligence Director at Palo Alto, there is one Microsoft Word file in the phishing electronic mails crafted for luring end-users into activating macros which summon attacker-controlled online sites serving Dridex. The assault continues to be active, Olson adds. reported this in news on October 1, 2015.

Being fairly persuasive, recipients of the phishing e-mails comply. Usually, a retail/business order is mentioned in the e-mails followed with a payment solicitation. The attachments of malicious nature pose as a bill that reportedly can be viewed via the user enabling his macros. The macros then grab the Trojan from one of listed URLs. Palo Alto posted the names of those URLs, C&C domains as well as the other stuff indicating compromise.

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Fresh Upatre Trojan Phishing scam Attacks Windows XP, says AppRiver PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 08 October 2015 07:00

AppRiver the security company recently exposed one fresh phishing scam, which uses the Upatre Trojan, while particularly attacks computers with the Windows XP operating system of Microsoft although the OS is no longer active according to public declaration, at least as per software giant Microsoft.

However, innumerable users continue to utilize the program when online which serves as the key explanation as to why cyber-crooks keep attacking these machines.

And because the OS has no accompanying security patch or other kind of support, it has become an old technology's graveyard and certain town full of ghosts wherein malicious software can move across devoid of being scared of the sheriff.

The new spam outbreak, according to AppRiver, involves an e-mail captioned "Attorney-client agreement." It attempts at duping end-users into viewing attached zipped files piggy-backing on the Upatre.

Security Company AppRiver states that the current outbreak is unlike the spam runs of previous kinds as the zipped file contains 3 arbitrary names that show up differently with each spam message. Consequently, spam filters find it hard to stop inflow of the e-mails on the basis of filenames of the attachments.

Senior Security Analyst Fred Touchette at AppRiver states that the current attack is interesting in that it appears as targeting now obsolete computers. Having executed the Trojan variants onto a few separate operating systems, the malware merely wishes as working malevolently on systems with active Windows XP.

And after the malware is installed and executed, it compromises system processes for invading the PC, examines the IP address of the machine followed with attempting at exchanging messages with the IP address via the port 12299 as well as transmitting the details dug out from the PC like the PC-name and its IP address.

After this, the Trojan appends registry entries. Several such entries halt security certificates while seek to debug tools for disarming the host PC even more.

Touchette elaborates that running Upatre on more fresh systems would result in its shutdown prior to even having an opportunity to run, thus making its existence futile.

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Trump Hotel Collection Confirms the Suffering of Data Breach PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 08 October 2015 07:00 reported on 29th September, 2015 stating that Trump Hotel Collection (THC) is a conglomerate of hotel properties owned by Donald Trump, Presidential candidate of US, in a recent statement on its corporate website, has acknowledged a data breach involving its seven hotels.

Based on the intelligence report from investigators of bank fraud, it was suspected that Trump's hotels in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Honolulu and Miami were breached.

Compromised card data comprises account numbers, CCVs, expiry dates and names of cardholders. published news on 29th September, 2015 stating that Trump Hotel Collection through its legal advisors Norton Rose Fullbright has alerted in a letter to its clients that malware was detected in its payment card systems operating from 19th May to 2nd June, 2015.

A letter posted on the website of the Office of Attorney General of California written "we are giving notification of a security incident probably affecting certain individuals who purchased using payment card at Trump International Hotel & Tower Las Vegas. Although independent forensic investigator did not find any evidence proving that information was stolen from the Hotel's systems, it seems that there might have been unauthorized malware access to information regarding payment card as it was stored into the payment card machines. As a part of the probe, THC has eradicated the malware and it is in the course of reconfiguring different components of our network and payment systems to further secure our processing systems related to payment card."

Trump Hotels is also offering free credit monitoring in a year to its customers.

It is just the latest disclosure about a breach at a major international hotel chain. Mandarin Oriental, the luxury hotel group, said in March 2015 that it was probing a breach and White Lodging , a chain of franchise hotels, admitted that it was hacked twice during the same year. Last week, fourth week of September 2015, Brian Krebs, Cyber-Security Journalist, reported that registers in gift shops and restaurants at "a large number of Hilton Hotel and franchise properties" throughout the U.S. had been compromised.

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